Pics: Sunny scenes see ‘Silage 2019’ set off

The recent spell of good weather has seen a number of farmers and contractors kick off their silage season.

While some silage has already been cut in parts of the country – with some brave farmers taking out bales as early as January – many farmers are taking advantage of the fine weather to take out paddocks of their own.

Here is a selection of some busy farmers who have taken to social media to showcase their activities.

However, a colder few days are in store for the country over the coming week, according to Met Eireann.

Tonight will remain dry in most areas. It’ll be overcast and patchy drizzle or light rain will spread gradually into the north and west as the night goes on, though amounts will be small.

Drying conditions will vary though overall will be moderate to good away from the rain bands, according to Met Éireann, while there will be good opportunities for spraying over the next few days, apart from the passage of the rain band, due to light to moderate winds and generally dry conditions.

Conditions will not be as good next week with increasing wind and some rain or showers expected at times.