Pics: Fermoy Mart gearing up for 2 ‘complete’ dairy clearance sales

Fermoy Mart will host two “complete” dairy clearance sales over the coming weeks and 300 head of dairy stock will be offered over two days.

“It’s not the traditional time of year for dairy herd clearances; but I think there will be strong demand, as they are both very genuine herds of cows,” Sean Leahy, mart manager of Fermoy Mart, explained.

“Both farmers have genuine reasons for dispersing and their herds have strong breeding; it’s simply a matter of turning on the tap to get production. Neither herd has problems with cell count and they are honest herds.”

Sale one

The first sale is scheduled to take place this Friday (October 12) at 11:00am and it’s a complete clearance of 140 head for Tim Henchy, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

The sale includes: 80 spring-calving cows, scanned back in-calf; 20 in-calf heifers; and 40 spring-born dairy heifers.

Sean explained: “It’s a fully pedigree-registered, mostly AI bred, milk-recorded, black and white herd. The herd’s average production is 6,450kg at 3.68% fat and 3.45% protein.

“It’s a very good herd of cows that’s genuine in every way.”

Sale two

The second sale is scheduled to take place on October 19 at 11:00am and it’s a complete dispersal sale for Ailish Thompson, Carrogaline, Co. Cork.

Sean explained: “There’s 160 cows in total and it’s as big a sale of cows that has ever come to the market in this area. It’s a very good herd of spring-calving cows.

“Most of the cows in the herd are AI bred and it’s a milk-recorded herd,” he added.

Projected yields for 2018 are: 6,367L; 3.85% butterfat; 3.39% protein; and a somatic cell count of 67,000.

More information

For catalogues for the above sales or for more information, contact Fermoy Mart at: 025-31611.