The condition pica and rumen bloat in dairy cows are among the topics which will be featured in a new Agriland Mineral Series in association with Terra NutriTECH, which begins this week.

In a series of articles over the next four weeks, dairy farmers will have the opportunity to garner more information on everyday topics that affect their farm and enterprise.

The first article in the series will be published on Thursday, April 28 and will feature information about pica – a syndrome whereby cattle eat things that have no nutritional value, such as stones.

Farmers will learn the causes of the condition and helpful ways to prevent it happening or treatment for cows already affected.

Mineral series with Terra NutriTECH

Mineral Series

In the second article of the Mineral Series, there will be a focus on grass tetany and how best to tackle it in dairy cows.

Farmers will learn exactly what grass tetany/staggers is and the symptoms in dairy cows.

The article will explain the risks involved in grass tetany, its causes and what treatments are available. There will also be advice on how to prevent it.

Later in the Mineral Series, there will be a focus on rumen bloat in dairy cows and the various types of bloat.

Farmers will be given advice on how to understand what type of bloat a cow may have and the reasons the condition may occur.

There will be tips and advice on avoiding bloat in cows and treating those animals that do display symptoms.

In the final instalment of the Mineral Series, farmers will be advised on how to get the most from minerals.

There will be information on the role of analysis and precision.

The first of the Mineral Series articles will be published on this Thursday, (April 28) and each Thursday thereafter for the duration of this informative series.