Pensions, burnout and beef package top of agenda tonight

Pension entitlements, the Fair Deal Scheme, the Brexit beef package and farmer burnout will be key topics for discussion at one farmer meeting taking place this evening, Tuesday, May 21.

North Tipperary Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) will be opening its usual county executive meeting to all and anyone who is interested this evening with a line-up of speakers covering a variety of topics farmers face today.

The meeting will take place in the Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, with proceedings getting underway from 8:30pm.

Galway IFA county chairwoman Anne Mitchell will give an address to attendees on the topic of pension entitlements and social welfare schemes.

Having worked for a number of years in the Department of Social Protection, Mitchell will talk about relevant social welfare schemes and elements which farmers and self-employed workers may not be aware of, such as credits and farm spouses’ entitlements to contributory pensions.

An update will also be provided on the current situation with the Fair Deal Scheme.

A second speaker will take the form of Cork Central IFA chairman, and former national environment chairman, Harold Kingston.

Kingston, a well-known mental health advocate and dairy farmer, brought the issue of farmer burnout to national attention in recent months following an honest, comprehensive talk on the matter on the Late Late Show.

Last year, between weather troubles, being locked up with TB and the resultant increased workload, the farmer found it difficult to cope with burnout; he has since underlined the importance of highlighting the issue.

Finally, the topic of the €100 million Brexit beef package for the livestock sector will be discussed by national treasurer, and former county chair, Tim Cullinan who will be giving the most up-to-date information on the package.

Commenting ahead of the meeting, North Tipperary IFA county chair Imelda Walsh said: “As chairperson of North Tipperary IFA I would like to invite our members and anyone who is interested in hearing our speakers on very relevant issues to us all to join us on the night.”