Oireachtas beef report ‘must not sit on a shelf gathering dust’

The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and Marine report on “The Future of the Beef Sector in the Context of Food Wise 2025” must be put to use and its recommendations implemented instead of “sitting on a shelf gathering dust”, according to the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA).

Welcoming the report, ICMSA president Pat McCormack said that it contained some useful recommendations that if implemented would definitely improve the situation of the beef producer.

McCormack said that while there is no single solution to the income problems of farmers in the beef sector, the recommendations contained in the report could combine to improve the prospects for better incomes from primary beef production.

He highlighted in particular the recommendations in relation to: price transparency; a review of the beef grid; a dedicated live export section with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine; a review of the impact of feedlots; and strong opposition expressed to a Mercusor deal.

McCormack said that the key now is to progress the recommendations and look to see them implemented as a matter of priority.

It is essential, he said, that this report does not sit on a shelf gathering dust like many of the previous reports on the difficulties in the beef sector.

The recommendations are welcome, but they need to be followed with immediate implementation, concluded the president.