The 2019 winter oats recommended list has undergone a shake-up, with two varieties added to the provisional list. Keely also made the cut onto the fully-recommended list this year.

Barra continues to make the grade; first recommended is 1986, the widely-used variety is a favourite for gluten-free and food-grade oats.

Husky stands strong with a score of 7 for resistance to lodging and a 5 for straw breakdown. It also competes well on resistance to mildew (6). Husky has a relative yield score of 104.

Keely comes in at a relative yield score of 101 and rated highest on hectolitre weight this season, with a KPH value of 58.3 – just above Barra at 58.2.

New varieties

Delfin has raced ahead on the relative yield scores. It reached 110. Delfin is also strong on the mildew front with a score of 8, which is the highest on the table; but it should be noted that this is with limited data available.

Delfin also had the highest thousand grain weight (TGW) of the varieties at 43.8, but had the lowest KPH at 56.1.

RGT Southwark scored 99 on relative yield. Straw characteristics and ripening were all rated at 4. Resistance to mildew also came in at 4, while the varieties resistance to crown rust topped the list at a score of 8.