Although numbers were back, trade remained strong at Balla Mart’s weekly cattle sale on Saturday (July 16).

A reduction in cattle numbers available is no surprise as it has been the trend at many livestock marts across the country at this time of year.

Despite this, the mart still has three rings in operation.


There were plenty of good-quality bullocks on offer at the sale. Bullocks falling into the 300-400kg weight band averaged €2.66/kg.

Store bullocks weighing between 400kg and 500kg averaged €2.68/kg and heavier bullocks weighing north of 500kg averaged €2.67/kg.

One of the top prices in the bullock ring went to a 795kg Charolais-cross bullock that sold for €2,220, or €2.79/kg.

Another price of note from the sale went to a lighter continental store weighing 415kg selling for €1,470.00 or €3.54/kg.

Heifer sale

In the heifer sale, cattle up to 400kg averaged €2.65/kg. Heifers weighing between 400kg and 500kg averaged €2.65/kg and heavy heifers over 500kg sold for an average price of €2.74/kg.

One Charolais heifer weighing 695kg sold for €2,170 or €3.12/kg, and another heavier 745kg Charolais heifer made €2,260 or 3.03/kg.


The third ring was in operation for cows and numbers remained high. One of the top prices in the cow ring went to an impressive double-muscled Belgian Blue dry cow weighing 860kg. This cow sold for €2,880.00 or €3.35/kg.

Another Charolais cow weighing 875kg sold for €2,630.00, or €3.02/kg.

In the springers sale, the top price went to a Charolais cow with a calf at-foot which sold for €2,250.

Bull weanlings

There was a smaller show of bull weanlings at Saturday’s sale. A quality Charolais bull calf weighing 445kg made €1,810.00, or €4.07/kg.

Bull weanlings weighing 200-350kg averaged €2.89/kg, while bull weanlings weighing 350-450kg sold for €2.61/kg.

The next general cattle sale will take place at Balla Mart on Saturday (July 23). The sale will also include the mart’s end-of-month continental sale.

There will be no sale at Balla Mart on July 30, due to the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The mart is also set to host a special weanling sale on August 13, which will see feedlot and export buyers in attendance. Special weanling sales will then commence again on September 6.