NPA to hold executive meeting this week to discuss ‘Ploughing 2020’

The National Ploughing Association (NPA) will have a remote executive meeting this week to discuss this year’s ploughing championships and other details, according to the NPA deputy managing director Anna Marie McHugh.

Speaking to AgriLand, McHugh said:

“We’ll be having an executive meeting this week of the NPA to review where we stand now in relation to the further updates. We’ll be reviewing from there.

We were in contact with the Department of Agriculture as well last week so, based on its reply and based on the roadmap, we’re going to have an executive to see what everyone thinks and where we’re at.

Noting that the meeting would be held remotely, via Zoom video-conference, the deputy managing director added:

“We’ll have our own road-map after that of what the risks are, timelines, and other details.”

Government roadmap

McHugh was speaking following the publication over the weekend of the Government’s roadmap to gradually ease Covid-19 restrictions.

Announced on Friday, May 1, it was noted that current restrictions are expected to run until May 18, at which point the Government will implement a phased plan for lifting restrictions over time, though it is understood that this plan can be altered at any time, depending on the rate of spread of Covid-19 going forward.

The plan sets out five phases to reopen the country, each three weeks’ apart, with the fifth phase beginning on August 10.