Newly formed ‘calf club’ seeking farmers to rear calves nationwide

Plans have been announced to establish a group of approximately 500 farmers to rear and finish Angus calves sourced from the dairy herd.

Speaking to AgriLand on Monday, November 18, Wicklow Calf Company boss Seamus Scallan explained the idea behind ‘The Calf Club’.

“The plan is that every farmer will rear an agreed number of calves as part of the club and bring them on to beef.”

A sample population of the calves will be fitted with monitor collars that will trace the animal’s performance.

The Calf Club’s aim is to bring a group of farmers together to raise calves which will then be processed and sold through the club.

Continuing, Scallan outlined: “We’re going to see what level of interest we have first. We will then visit the farms to access the facilities available and ensure the farms that registered an interest are suitable.”

The club aims to deliver the calves – at one month of age – to the farms in Spring 2020 and is hoping to focus primarily on Angus bull and heifer calves that will kill-out at approximately 300kg.

We will sell the beef all on a welfare-friendly, grass-fed Angus calf basis and the calves will be sourced from us.

Concluding, Scallan said: “We hope to have between 30,000 and 40,000 Angus calves in this club.

Farmers can register an interest in get involved by e-mailing ‘The Calf Club’ on: [email protected].