The most recent new tractor registration figures issued by the Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) cover the first half of the year.

Despite a slight drop in June, the data shows that registrations were up by 4% for the first six months of this year (compared with the same period of 2018).

The month of June saw 65 new tractors registered. That’s three units less than June of 2018. However, the total for the first six months of this year was 1,378 units – an increase of 54 units on last year.

In a recurring theme, the three counties with the highest levels of registrations so far this year (to the end of June) continue to be Cork (195 units), Tipperary (140 units) and Wexford (96 units).

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Leitrim is the only county where registrations remain in single figures; just six new tractors were registered during the first six months (the same figure as at the half-way point of 2018).

The FTMTA’s chief executive – Gary Ryan – explained: “The July registration figures will be eagerly awaited, as it has become a very important month for tractor registrations, as with cars, since the introduction of the split-year registration system in 2013.

“A good performance this month [July] could see the yearly level of new registrations exceed the 2,000 threshold for the first time since 2008.”

Second-hand imports

In other tractor-related news, figures released to AgriLand showed that New Holland was the most popular brand among second-hand (used) imported tractors during the first quarter (January-March inclusive) of this year.

Image source: Shane Casey

The data came from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

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The figures indicated that significantly more second-hand (used) New Holland tractors were imported into Ireland than any other brand (during the first three months of 2019).