New malting barley price deal between Boortmalt and IFA

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has concluded negotiations with Boortmalt following a meeting today.

A revised malting barley pricing structure has been agreed between the two parties, according to the IFA.

Under the new structure farmers will be paid €10/t on top of the December 2018 MATIF price – up to €180/t.

This means that if the MATIF hits €180/t a farmer will be paid €190/t. If the MATIF price reaches €190/t, or over, farmers will be paid the MATIF price.

This is a change from the previous structure, where a reduction from the MATIF price was carried out.

In recent weeks, the MATIF hit a peak of €188/t. At the time of publication the December MATIF price was set at €182.75/t.

Revised 2018 Pricing Structure based on the MATIF wheat price: 
  • €180/t or below – €10/t added to the MATIF price;
  • €180/t to €190/t – €190/t is paid;
  • Greater than €190/t – MATIF price paid.

The IFA’s Malting Barley Committee chairman Mark Browne has reported that the IFA has organised a malting barley growers’ meeting next week. The committee will outline the revised pricing structure at this meeting.

The meeting will be held in the Dolmen Hotel, Co. Carlow, next Monday (July 9) at 8:30pm. All growers are invited to attend.