Claas has just unveiled – albeit in continental Europe rather than Ireland as yet  – additional, new loading shovels.

These machines are noteworthy for having not only an articulated (pivot-steer) chassis but also rear-axle steering. The result, says Claas, is a machine with a very tight turning circle.

For example, compared with the existing Torion 535, the turning circle of the new Torion Sinus 537 has apparently been reduced by about 10%.

Torion Sinus line-up

There are three new Sinus models – the 537, 644 and 956. These are in addition to existing, recently-launched Torion loading shovels.

The new additions are in the 5-9t category.

According to Claas, Sinus versions boast not only better manoeuvrability but better stability too.

That’s because the maximum angle of articulation (between the front and rear frame sections) has been reduced from 40º to 30º. This, says the manufacturer, is more than compensated for by the addition of rear-axle steering.

Rear-axle steering comes courtesy of a mechanical linkage between the front-end of the machine and the rear axle. A hydraulic cylinder (ram) in the articulation joint also automatically controls the rear axle when steering.

On these machines the articulation joint can oscillate (when travelling over bumps or undulations). On the Sinus 956, the rear axle can additionally oscillate by 5º.

Necessary muscle

The Sinus 537 and 644 are both fitted with 73hp, 3.3L Yanmar (turbocharged) engines. The larger Sinus 956 comes with a 106hp, 4.5L Deere Power Systems (DPS) motor.

The engines are transverse-mounted. A reversible hydraulic fan is optional.

All Sinus variants are home to hydrostatic drive-systems (with two driving ranges). Top whack on the road is 40kph.

The Sinus 537 has an operating weight of 5.57t. The Sinus 644 weighs 6.39t; while the Sinus 956 comes in at 9.07t.

This video (below) is from It (albeit in German) shows the new two-in-one steering system in action – in a variety of applications.

For news of when these machines might make their way to our shores, stay tuned to AgriLand