A new type of grass management technology will be launched next week at the National Ploughing Championships 2019, which will “help farmers reduce costs and achieve optimum grass cover”, according to agri-tech developers Anuland.

Anuland, which works at developing “precision farming solutions”, has developed ‘FieldSense’, which the start-up describes as a “systemised approach to grass management”.

The new technology uses a combination of sensors, artificial intelligence and cameras to “deliver bespoke data to a phone app every day, empowering farmers to make better grass and farm management decisions”, Anuland explains.

The agri-technology firm was set up “with the aim of helping farmers gain more precision and control on their farming practices”.

The sensors are installed above and below the ground to monitor soil and crop characteristics. Then, using artificial intelligence, algorithms interpret this data which then delivers recommended actions to the app on the user’s phone.

“FieldSense automatically measures grass growth and volume accurately, helping farmers achieve improved accuracy on forecasted yield and matching it to their feed demand,” Anuland says.

David McDonnell, director of Anuland, said: “Farmers know their land best, and when empowered with bespoke scientific data, they have the knowledge and expertise to truly maximise their returns.

Anuland FieldSense is set to change how farmers see their farm.

After over two years of research and development, the new technology will be launched at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena during the ‘Ploughing’ next week.

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