New-generation tractor from Russia has ‘passed the test’

Agromash – a Russian entity – is currently developing its new-generation tractor.

With the support of Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, testing is ongoing on the new 180TK (pictured). A specialist engineering company – Mikont LLC – is partnering on the project.

The tractor is notable for having a powershift transmission (developed in-house), along with a so-called ‘Agropilot-1’ precision farming package (apparently accurate to 2cm).

“The creation of this is the fruit of the work of a large and friendly team of innovators from Mikont,” explained Igor Pavlov, deputy general designer for mass production.

“We are now participating in the field-testing and debugging of the Agropilot-1 system. The 180TK has successfully passed our tests.”

Who or what is Agromash?

Agromash is a sizable Russian manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

The brand is largely unfamiliar to us here in western Europe; it is obviously well known in its native market.

It manufactures tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters and a range of farm implements.


Agromash is essentially an amalgamation of several entities that came under the collective (Agromash) brand back in 2009.

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Among its current products is a creditable offering of wheeled and tracked tractors; the smaller wheeled tractor line-up includes ‘tool carrier’ models – with cargo areas out front where you might normally expect to see an engine.

These are reminiscent of conceptually similar (albeit now-discontinued) offerings from Fendt.


Nowadays, the manufacturer has an extensive network of service centres and dealers right across Russia.

Its operations extend into Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.