Pics: Unusual, lesser-spotted tractors and combines; so who is Agromash?

Agromash is a sizable Russian manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

The brand is largely unfamiliar to us here in western Europe; it is obviously well known in its native market.

It manufactures tractors, combine harvesters and a range of farm implements.

Agromash is essentially an amalgamation of several entities that came under the collective (Agromash) brand back in 2009.

Among its current products is a creditable offering of wheeled and tracked tractors; the smaller wheeled tractor line-up includes ‘tool carrier’ models – with cargo areas out front where you might normally expect to see an engine. These are reminiscent of conceptually similar (albeit now-discontinued) offerings from Fendt.

Some of its tracked tractors can be equipped with chassis-mounted blades – morphing the machine into a dozer.

The group has been associated with a wide and varied product dossier over the years – not just tractors. Below is a picture of an Agromash KSK II self-propelled forage harvester.


Like the forager, previous incarnations of its combines were also noteworthy for their similarly-distinctive, “swept-back” cabs. Below is an Enisei-badged machine.


The company is currently in the process of rolling out updated combines. Below is a picture of the manufacturer’s latest 4000 Series machine.


Nowadays, Agromash has an extensive network of service centres and dealers right across Russia; its operations extend into Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

AgriLand has also profiled another Russian manufacturer of significance – namely Rostselmash. Rostselmash is a company of some considerable scale; it produces large numbers of combines – and also self-propelled foragers – for its native market and the surrounding regions.

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Also worthy of note is Gomselmash – a sizable manufacturer that is headquartered in the Republic of Belarus. It is especially well known for its combine harvesters and a diverse line-up of self-propelled foragers.

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