Dairy and beef farmers can get practical advice on the prevention and control of a wide range of cattle diseases in a new website launched this week.

The new site www.bovilis.ie contains information on the major diseases in cattle, including BVD, IBR, pneumonia, salmonella, leptospirosis, scour and lungworm.


The common clostridial diseases, including blackleg, bacterial redwater, gas gangrene, tetanus and black disease are also covered.

The website places strong emphasis on disease prevention and on the place of preventative vaccines in maintaining a healthy, profitable herd. It contains profiles of farmers who have been affected by outbreaks of different diseases and has case studies of farmers who are adopting strong disease-prevention protocols on their farms.

It also contains an ‘Ask your Vet’ facility whereby farmers can get veterinary advice on aspects of animal health.

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The website has been developed by MSD Animal Health, the largest supplier of preventative vaccines on the Irish market.

Fergal Morris, director of ruminant medicines with MSD Animal Health, said the new service is focused on cattle diseases which impact on all aspects of cattle production systems in Ireland.

“It strips away all the jargon around veterinary medicine and delivers the basics on ‘what farmers need to know’ about the major diseases affecting their stock. It will help farmers and their vets to work together in developing the most effective animal health strategies,” said Morris.