An MEP has voiced serious concerns that a review into Ireland’s energy security has yet to be published by the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications.

In May 2021, London-based consultancy firm CEPA was given 12 months to conduct the review of Ireland’s gas and electricity systems

However, Colm Markey explained that the latest indications suggest it will not be published until at least Autumn 2022.

Energy review

The Midlands North-West MEP said that it is “alarming that the minister is sitting on the report as the global energy crisis deepens”.

“Minister [Eamon] Ryan might not like some of the recommendations in this review but the energy security of our country is far more important than ideological green policies,” the Fine Gael MEP claimed.

“The situation was already serious but has become far more urgent given the war in Ukraine and the impact it might have on energy supplies heading into the winter.

“Minister Ryan recently confirmed the review would be published in the autumn but that’s far too late to get a handle on what action we need to take to ensure that supply continues to flow into homes and businesses.

“The British government recently threatened to cut off gas supplies to mainland Europe. Where would that leave Ireland, which relies heavily on gas pipelines from the UK?

“These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves right now, not in three or four months’ time. Minster Ryan needs to face reality and publish the review immediately,” Markey concluded.

In response to a recent parliamentary question from independent TD Michael Lowry, Minister Ryan stated that the review is “scheduled for delivery in quarter 3 [Q3] of this year”.

The review is focussed on the on the period to 2030 and will examine the risks to security of supply and a range of potential mitigating options. It includes a technical analysis which will help inform a public consultation.

“The underlying technical analysis is being updated to take into account the war in Ukraine. I expect the public consultation on the review to commence shortly, at which point all parties can submit their views for consideration,” Minister Ryan said.