Jeremy Clarkson has announced the opening of his new on-farm ‘Diddly Squat Restaurant’.

Taking to Twitter, the TV personality-turned farmer said:

“I’m thrilled to announce that you now have a chance to try the amazing food we grow and rear on my farm at the brand new (but quite rustic) Diddly Squat Restaurant.”

He added that people can’t simply turn up as a booking is needed. However, before doing so he said, they should know it’s “small, mostly outdoors and very rustic”.

“We’ve done our best to keep you warm and dry, but this is England,” said Clarkson in the restaurant’s OpenTable description.

Diddly Squat Restaurant

Regarding the positives of the farm, Clarkson said that the view is “enormous” and that the food comes with minimal food miles.

“Everything you eat was grown or reared on our farm,” he said.

Because of this, there is also no set menu; the restaurant serves what is available on the day.

“But worry not, your table will be given a selection of snacks and starters followed by a roast and a pudding,” the Clarkson’s Farm star added.

This dining experience costs £49/person, no cash and pre-paid. However, a ‘VIP’ experience is also offered, at £69/person.

The VIP experience includes warmer seating in a “tiny” VIP roomed housed in an old shepard’s hut and a complimentary bottle of English sparkling wine.

“Don’t scoff. It’s very good,” Clarkson added.

Both experiences are for tables of four people only.

Concluding his description, Clarkson said that the restaurant is “like no other”.

“Apart from one I went to in Croatia once”, he added, “and which served me the best lunch I’ve ever had”.