McGrath criticises ‘elite detachment’ in politics after re-election

Newly re-elected Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath has attacked the “elite detachment” in politics, and called on the next government to “listen and act in the people’s interest”.

In a statement marking his re-election to the Dáil, the rural TD said that the outcome of the national vote “was a clear and unequivocal rejection by the public of the unwillingness” of the main parties to respond to issues “affecting the majority of ordinary’s people’s lives”.

“As we go forward from here…it is absolutely clear the politics in Ireland simply has to change,” McGrath argued.

It must re-engage with the day-to-day priorities of people’s lives, especially around health and housing. The government, whoever it will be, must listen and act in the people’s interest. It cannot be politics as usual once they have their feet under the ministerial tables.

“We must rid our politics of the kind of elite detachment that came to characterise the outgoing government,” the TD claimed, adding: “We must escalate change and bring about genuine improvements in the quality of life of our people.”

McGrath continued: “The people are sovereign. The last government ignored that basic political reality by pushing ahead with failed policies, massive over-spends and a culture where accountability was almost completely absent.”

According to the Tipperary deputy, the people have “enforced accountability in the most democratic way possible”.

McGrath also expressed his gratitude to the Tipperary electorate for re-electing him.

“I am truly humbled by their confidence and will do everything in my power to honour the mandate they have given me by representing their interests in Dáil Eireann,” he said.

McGrath also thanked his campaign staff; his daughter (and campaign manager) Triona; and his wife Margaret.