There was almost 250 cattle in total at Granard Mart’s weekly sale of bullocks, heifers and dry cows on Wednesday, April 13.

Both rings were in operation and plenty of buyers were on hand at the weekly Granard sale which saw plenty of online activity also resulting in a 100% clearance rate.

The return to milder, warmer weather boosted confidence among grass cattle buyers and saw well-bred 375kg quality continental bullocks clearing the €3.00/kg mark with ease.

The plainer, lighter cattle in the heifer and bullock rings all comfortably cleared the €2.00/kg price mark with the likes of a 410kg Angus heifer making €2.37/kg or €970.

Factory agents were on hand for heavier-type bullocks and heifers with some Northern and southern factories buying finished cattle direct online.

One of the top prices for forward bullocks on the day was €3.15/kg paid by a southern-based meat processor for a 700kg Charolais bullock which made €2,200.

Another pair of lighter bullocks hit €3.13/kg with two 320kg Limousin bullocks making €1,000 each.

Sample prices from the bullock ring:

The heifer sale saw similar if not higher demand for all lots with huge demand for the finished, beef animal driving the trade throughout all weight categories.

Demand from factories for well-finished cattle appears to be continuing to strengthen with the top prices in the bullock, heifer and cow ring all being given by the meat factories for suitable beef cattle and cows.

The highest price in the heifer category was €3.15/kg for a 655kg Limousin heifer making €2,060 or €3.15/kg.

Another Limousin heifer weighing 650kg also hit the €3.15/kg mark making a total of €2,050.

Finally, a third heifer, this time an Angus, weighing 705kg made €2,220 or €2.15/kg.

Granard Mart: Dry cows

There was a good showing of dry cows at the sale with good variety of quality beef cows and plainer, store cows ready for grass on offer at the sale.

Sample prices from the Cow ring:

The top price in the cow ring went to an 880kg Charolais cow which made €2,540 or €2.89/kg. The top price per kilo went to a Limousin cow weighing 770kg selling for €2,280 or €2.96/kg.

Friesian cows varied in price depending on quality with a 630kg Friesian cow making €1,250 or €1.98/kg and another 780kg Friesian cow making €1,670 or €2.14/kg.