Prices at sheep marts throughout the week cooled in comparison to the week before across the board for hoggets, cull ewes and spring lambs.

Hoggets, out of the bunch, witnessed the steadier of the trades throughout the week, with some mart managers calling prices back €2-3/head, with some saying prices being back by as much as €6/head.

Prices north of €170/head, like what was seen regular enough last week for heavy types have fallen under that level to top generally €168/head this week.

With many of those fleshed hoggets selling from €158-168/head this past week.

Spring lambs have been a tough sell according to mart managers and this week has been no different, with prices falling back also.

In general, at sales this past week, top prices for spring lambs have ranged from €160-170/head, with very few bar exceptional lots making over €170/head. This is back from highs of €175-180/head last week.

Lighter types, back to 40kg have been selling from a base of €140/head.

Mart managers have noted the lack of demand for spring lambs by factory agents since they first started coming out to marts, but this past week have also noted a lot less butcher activity, due to many already having bought what they need for the Easter market.

Cull ewes have also witnessed an easing in price, with many heavy fleshed ewes topping out at sales between €220-230/head whereas last week prices would have been hitting €250-270/head and then in cases some exceptional lots sold for over €300/head.