‘Marked oil laundering waste’ discovered in abandoned van

A vehicle believed to be transporting marked oil laundering waste was found abandoned on the M1 motorway yesterday evening, according to local reports.

A spokesperson for An Garda Síochána confirmed to AgriLand that Gardaí are investigating an abandoned vehicle found near Junction 8 on the M1, yesterday, Sunday, June 30, at approximately 8:30pm.

“The vehicle is now being examined and investigations are ongoing,” the representative added.

According to local radio station LMFM, the vehicle in question was a van transporting oil laundering waste.

The local media outlet notes that it is believed that granules used in washing marker dye out of agricultural diesel were found in a large plastic container in the vehicle.

It is also claimed that smoke was issuing from the van, a UK-registered Ford Transit.

A smaller container was also purportedly found, containing liquid waste.

In the Republic of Ireland, according to the Irish Revenue, green diesel, also known as marked gas oil (MGO), is diesel on which mineral oil tax at a reduced rate has been paid on condition that it is used only for purposes that qualify for that reduced rate.

It is chemically marked and dyed green to deter misuse for purposes to which a higher rate of tax applies. In the UK, red-coloured dye is used for the same purpose.

Diesel wash waste in Monaghan

A similar incident also took place in Co. Monaghan back in May; in that incident, two IBC tanks of diesel wash waste were removed by local authorities.

The two tanks, weighing approximately 1t each, were found dumped in the area of Broomfield, near Castleblayney, in the south of the county.

Environmental officers from the Carrickmacross-Castleblayney Municipal District worked with firefighters to move the waste to the quarantine area of the Scotch Corner landfill, according to county council officials.

The hazardous waste will then be exported to facilities abroad, believed to be Germany, for incineration.