Majority of meat on supermarket shelves has Bord Bia Quality Mark

The majority of meat products for sale on supermarket shelves carries the Bord Bia Quality Mark, according to Bord Bia commissioned research.

In March 2014, independent auditors conducted an in store assessment of the proportion of prepacked fresh meat, both own label and branded, carrying the Quality Mark in the retail sector.

Products covered in the audit are bacon, beef, burgers, chicken, cooked ham, duck, lamb, pork, rashers, sausages and turkey. Each product was assessed based on the percentage of ‘facings’ (individual products on shelf) and SKUs (product lines)with the Bord Bia Quality Mark.

Results of the Survey showed the Bord Bia quality Mark appeared on:

  • 95% of Beef
  • 95% of Lamb
  • 70% of Burgers
  • 71% of Bacon
  • 94% of Pork
  • 84% of chicken
  • 18% of Turkey

Graphs below illustrate findings: