One of the many new machinery products to be unveiled at this year’s National Ploughing Championships was Major’s 3000 Shredder Topper.

The Major 3000 shredder is designed to be a heavy-duty grassland mower. Major claims that it cuts “heavy grassland areas evenly and reduces mulch to a minimum”.

Designers at Major used high-strength steel on the body of the Shredder 3000 to unsure it had the ability to cope with the difficult working conditions.

Major claims this steel is 220 per cent stronger yet not as heavy as steel normally used in agricultural machinery.  The shredder is fitted with three rotor mowers and can be mounted front or rear of a tractor.

The Major 3000 was designed with features incorporated form the Major Maze Mower design. Major claims these features offer 25 per cent more output to the machine, while saving up to 30 per cent of fuel costs.

Major says the shedder is suited to work in areas such as forestry, set asides and scrubland. The machine was first tested in the Netherlands, were according to John Murphy of Major, “it worked well in extreme conditions and could eventually replace conventional flail mowers”.

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By Ciaran Moran