Maize list gets a shake up

The forage maize recommended list has been given a shake up for the season ahead. Three varieties have exited the list, while one new variety has been added and two more have been fully recommended.

P7932 is the newcomer to the list, while LG31.225 and Konfluens are now fully recommended.

In terms of dry matter yield, P7932 is the highest yielding variety on the list with a relative yield of 119. However, it has the lowest starch content on the list and is also the latest maturing variety, so it is best suited to sites which allow for early sowing and have good ground conditions.

P8201 comes in next on the list for dry matter yield at a score of 118 and also rates well for starch content with a score of 106.

Nearest to this variety for dry matter yield is the new variety Konfluens with a score of 109. Konfluens has a rating of 97 for starch content. Both varieties are medium maturing.

Only one variety – Ambition – qualifies as early maturing, while Spyci CS and SY Feeditop are early-medium maturing.

Growers on marginal land should be choosing early to medium maturing varieties, while late-maturing varieties are best suited to drier land.

Image source: AgriLand Maize