Tumosan Tractors from Turkey is one company that is carrying on the grand old tradition of producing Fiat lookalikes, a route into tractor production made by many manufacturers globally over the years.

The classic Fiats were solid machines designed to function effectively in all conditions around the world, and the formula has worked for decades, and it is still a valid one today.

Available ex factory

In this Turkish iteration they are being produced as ‘no frills’ tractor with no options or other expensive accessories included to justify a higher cost.

Not only does this mean that the price is kept down, but it also means that production is not interrupted by exotic components being stranded in a container somewhere off the Atlantic seaboard.

Tractor budget Ploughing Brogan
Most models are usually in stock but the Ploughing saw many of them sold

Ordering one today will see one standing in your yard in just eight weeks, and that delay is purely due to the fact that the importers, Brogan Tractors of Clogan, Co. Offaly sold all of its stock at this years Ploughing.

There are, apparently, plenty available at the factory, so its just a question of shipping rather than waiting for an allocated frame number to come trundling down the track, whenever the parts are available to complete it.

Horses for courses

Basic tractors are not for everybody and the mainline brands have successfully catered to those customers seeking extra comfort and operator aides.

On larger tractors with big engines that are expensive to run, many of these extras make a lot of sense if they enable the tractor to operate more efficiently, and they are not to be dismissed lightly.

Tumosan tractor stock
The dash is functional if spartan, yet all models come with manual shuttle

However, further down the scale, in situations where tractors are not used so intensively, the scope for shaving the operating costs are not so pronounced, yet a great saving can be made by investing less in the tractor.

Budget tractors do, though, come with a mixed reputation and this, according to Michael Brogan, proprietor of Brogan Tractors, is very often undeserved.

Choice of Tumosan Style

The Tumosan brand was first imported into Ireland in 2001 and over the years it has accumulated 400 sales, 340 of which were made by the present importer, which has been handling the agency since 2012.

8100 deluxe classic tractor
Modern or classic styling differentiates models of the same power

Today, there are two ranges brought in, the 8000 series and 8100 series.

The former are the classic Fiat type tractors with the famous square styling and louvered bonnet. They are available in 10hp increments from 75hp to 95hp and rely on a four-cylinder turbocharged 3.9L engine.

The transmission constitutes a manual box of three gears, two ranges and a splitter, giving 12 speeds in all. There is a radio and, in a nod to creature comforts, air conditioning as standard on all models destined for the Irish market.

Reaching upmarket

Despite the main selling point of these tractors being their low price point, the company does recognise that there are users who would appreciate a little more civility, and for those they produce the 8100 series.

Deluxe 8100 flat floor
The 8100 series offers a more modern cab, a flat floor and extra gears

On these machines, the basic cab is replaced with a deluxe version and an extra four ratios are included in the gear box.

The cab is roomier with a decent sized door allowing easier access to a better appointed interior, and, although still spartan in comparison to many more expensive machines, it does have a flat floor and passenger seat.

Extra power available from Tumosan

The demand for tractors of less than a 100hp is declining so the 8100 series has a model of 105hp squeezed in at the top end. This has an engine of a larger bore which gives it a displacement of 4.1L.

If this is still a little restricted, then towards the end of next summer we are being promised two new models, one of 115hp and the other of 125hp, which will bring the range into line with the demand for increasing performance.

Pick up hitch Tumosan cab
All the tractors brought into Ireland are fitted with a pick-up hitch from Hand Engineering

Otherwise, the tractor specification is much the same as for the 8000 series, although the extra features on the deluxe models are making them as popular as the basic versions, with sales split equally between the two.

The bottom line

As these are thought of as budget-friendly tractors, it is the price tag that is likely to seal the deal and on this front they do not disappoint.

The best selling Classic 8095 model which, as the name suggests, provides 95hp, is presently on sale for €49,500 inclusive of VAT.

As already mentioned, an extra €5,000 will buy much the same machine but with the deluxe cab, while a Rossmore loader will add €8,500 to €10,000, depending on specification.

Gears transmission spartan
There is nothing of any complexity on the Tumosan range, which is one of the main selling points

The top end 8100, offering 105hp and deluxe cab, is still a modest €54,500 which compares with a €80,000 plus VAT, starting point for much of the mainline competition.

Budget tractors do not suit everyone or every situation, but as Michael Brogan points out, in this sector they have little, if any, competition in Ireland, and even at this end of the market he can assure us of reliability, and maybe even greater longevity without reliance upon electronics.

Avenger tractors

The Brogan family is an enterprising clan with five brothers dealing in tractors in the west of Ireland, and it seems that the next generation is carrying on with the interest in machinery sales.

Avenger tractor compact
The avenger tractor range has neatly styled GRP body panels

Niall and Cathal Brogan, nephews of Michael, have started to import the Avenger brand of compact tractors from India.

These, too, are sold at an advantageous price, €12,750 for 26hp, 4WD on agricultural tyres. Industrial or turf tyres will place an extra €500 on the bill, but all these prices include VAT.

Reliable motors

The engines are four-cylinder units made by Mitsubishi while the transmission has nine forward and three reverse gears. A dual circuit hydraulic pump runs the power steering and external services.

Aimed at both the groundcare and agricultural sectors, these tractors are already selling well. A container load of 16 machines was brought in earlier this year and 13 of those machines are sold with the remaining three displayed at the Ploughing, awaiting buyers.

Avenger tractor tyres agricultural
A range of implements suitable for compact tractors will be sold alongside the Avenger range

Alongside the tractors, there is a growing range of attachments ranging from post drivers to toppers and finishing mowers. A mowing deck for landscape work can also be ordered direct from the factory.

The rear linkage has a lifting capacity of 750kg and the total weight of a bare machine, including the standard ROPS bar is 1,130kg.

Full lights are included allowing them to be registered for road use straight out of the box.