A father and son from Co. Longford have said that they are still in shock after winning almost €400,000 worth of machinery in just eight days.

Shane Keenan and his father, John, who are from Abbeyshrule, began entering online agricultural machinery draws around a year ago in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We were at home with nowhere to go and I suppose out of boredom I was flicking through Facebook and Google when I saw the Lucky Day and Pristine competition draws,” Shane explained to Agriland.

The Longford man admitted that he was sceptical initially about the draws, which are based in Northern Ireland, but did some research to make sure that they were legitimate.

The father and son entered draws that offered machinery bundles as top prizes.

John Keenan has worked as a contractor involved in land reclamation and site clearance projects for over 50 years.

“He’s mad into machinery and that’s what he lives for. He’d be running the business mostly himself, I’d be only in it on a part-time basis,” Shane, who works as an engineer, said.

Machinery jackpot

The first of two windfalls for the father and son happened last January 14, when their ticket was pulled out at around 11:00p.m.

In that draw, they won a 2017 Hitachi ZX135US digger, a 2016 John Deere 6155R, a new Barford tri-axle low loader and a 16t Kane half pipe dump trailer.

Shane said they were shocked looking at the machinery when it was delivered to them last week.

Then, last Sunday (January 23), the pair decided to enter another machinery draw “for the craic”, only for lightning to strike twice!

This time, the Keenans won a “slurry bundle” which included a 2017 John Deere 6155R, a John Deere 6413, a new NC 3000S agitator and a new NC slurry tanker with a dribble bar.

Shane estimated that the two machinery windfalls are worth between €380,000 and €400,000.

Image Source: Pristine Competitions

“It still hasn’t sunk in. We were only getting used to looking out on the field with what we won on the first one, then to think that we are after winning again, it’s incredible,” he said.

Future plans

Shane said that some of the machinery, in particular the slurry equipment, will be sold to offset existing costs.

However, the two higher horsepower John Deere tractors, low loader and dump trailers will be put to good use in the Keenan’s contracting business.

“It’s a nice position to be in. I think if we complained around our area to the customers we do work for, we’d get ran out of the place. In fairness, we can’t complain.

“It’s just surreal. It is a life-changing thing to happen to anyone, especially to a contractor or a farmer, who engages in that work and knows the value and how hard it is to get out finance, pay for stuff and keep things working,” Shane explained.

“The chances of coming up twice in eight days – it’s phenomenal so it is,” he added.

Word about the men’s lucky streak has been met with great support in Longford since it was reported on Shannonside FM and the pair haven’t ruled out having a punt again in the future.