LIVE: IFA count from Dublin for President, Deputy President and Munster Chairman

8:37 PM

So that brings the day’s counting to a close. Congratulations to Joe Healy and Richard Kennedy, Agriland would like to wish you both the best in your new roles and we look forward to working with you. Thanks to all who tuned into our live blog today, we hope you enjoyed it!

8:36 PM

Richard said on accepting the position that he was a great honour for him to be the new Deputy President. He said that he believes passionately in IFA and IFA is critical to the survival of his family farm. He felt he lost something when the bad news of IFA broke last November and he put up his hand to do a job and now he’s here. His role is to support Joe Healy, he said, and while it was a tough campaign it was worth it.

8:29 PM

So, Richard Kennedy is deemed elected as the new Deputy President of the IFA

8:29 PM

Transfers: Farrell + 2,827 = total = 11,396. Kennedy +3,307 – total = 14,531

8:28 PM

Valid poll 27,717 and quota is 13,860

8:26 PM

Drum roll please…Brian Barry and Jer Bergin are =back on the stage with the Deputy Candidates

8:22 PM

Ok, looks like we’re due and announcement shortly here in Castleknock….

8:13 PM

It looks like Limerickman Richard Kennedy will be taking the Deputy President vote, but nothing official yet

8:02 PM

For anyone still interested in the deputy president race, there is still counting going on and we’ll bring you an update asap

6:17 PM

Where Joe Healy won the IFA election

Pic: IFA
Pic: IFA
6:13 PM

And in case people got carried away with all the excitement…there is a second count in the Deputy President race to be had!

6:02 PM

Joe Healy takes to the podium to huge applause…an All-Ireland for Galway he says!

5:55 PM

Joe Healy officially elected the 15th President of the IFA

5:54 PM

It looks like Joe Healy is home and dry!!! #IFAElection

5:47 PM

Joe Healy has 14,122 first preference votes, burns 8540 and mccarthy 5431

5:44 PM

By the talk, it’s only a first count result for the President, which is expected in the next few minutes….

5:33 PM

The Deputy President’s race is all about where the transfers go from Renaghan, and no one seems willing to call this one

5:22 PM

Jer Bergin also announced that there would be a first count announcement in the IFA President race soon…

5:19 PM

We have a first count result for the Deputy President 27,717, Farrell = 8569, Kennedy = 11,224, Renaghan 7,924 so Renaghan is eliminated

5:17 PM

And we have Jer Bergin back on the stage

5:11 PM

Really, there has been no update on the count for an hour now….

4:56 PM

There seems to be a bit of a lull in the counting…the cynics around here suggest it’s to hold of for the 9 o’clock news!

4:22 PM

John Coughlan said he would fight tirelessly for farmers, in his acceptance speech

4:21 PM

John Coughlan takes the Munster Chairman by 1171 to 609 votes (John O’Brien)

4:19 PM

IFA Chairman Jer Bergin takes the stage….to announce the Munster Chairman result

4:06 PM

Over 24,000 votes counted…total vote will be in the region of 27,000 the experts tell me…!

4:03 PM

A result in the Munster Chairman vote is due in the next few minutes….John Coughlan and John O’Brien were contesting this battle

3:53 PM

Healy has 1,631 first preference votes in Galway, compared to 28 for Burns and 5 for McCarthy

3:52 PM

Just over half the Galway votes are counted in the #IFAElection and Healy is taking the vast, vast majority of them as predicted

3:47 PM

The numbers in the IFA Election are now: Burns = 7139; Healy = 11,036; McCarthy = 5338

3:45 PM

Henry Burns is beginning to get into this race, and is up to 6,990 first preference votes, but it probably won’t be enough to catch Healy who is on 10,963 at the moment

3:22 PM

Over 20,000 votes have been counted today, and Joe Healy has over 10,000 of those so far…..

3:17 PM

Gerry Gunning takes to the stage again to announce an update: 77% complete and 21 counties have been completed with the below numbers…

3:16 PM

IFA election update: Healy is on 48% (9883) and Burns (5594) has passed McCarthy (5305) out.

2:55 PM

So this is how the country looks if you’re an #IFAElection candidate

Pic: IFA
Pic: IFA
2:46 PM

Joe Healy is no up to 48% with 8,831 first preference votes, from McCarthy on 5254 and Burns on 4363

2:43 PM

16,537 votes have been counted in the #IFAElection count and Joe Healy has 7,638 of them

2:41 PM

Former IFA president Eddie Downey has just arrived

2:40 PM

So, it’s all about the Galway corner now as furious counting takes place….

2:26 PM

Now that the Munster count is done for President and Deputy, things may change now…but Galway will be where it’s at and whether Healy has done enough to get him over the line without the need for transfers

2:24 PM

Brian Barry and Gerry Gunning look set to put the counters under starters orders again

2:23 PM

And the latest update come straight after lunch….

1:14 PM

Joe Healy has 46% of the vote and Galway has yet to be counted! #IFAElection

12:55 PM

10 mins to lunch and the Munster count will be completed before that!

12:54 PM

And we have another update..from Gerry Gunning

12:54 PM

Louth = 115 Burns, 131 Healy and 20 McCarthy with the votes counted

12:50 PM
Brian Barry, of IFA at the count.
12:43 PM

With 40% of branches counted: Burns = 2056, Healy = 4405, McCarthy = 3550

Waterford and wicklow concluded.

12:42 PM

Another update now from #IFAElection count on the way….

12:35 PM

#IFAElection update – Joe Healy has 47% of vote, with 37% of branches counted

12:17 PM

The latest overall picture: Burns = 1489; Healy 3295 and McCarthy = 2543 #IFAElection

12:16 PM

And the latest update from Catherine Lascurettes: Louth counting is finished _ 115 = Burns, 131 Healy, 20 McCarthy

12:13 PM

LImerick – Burns 124, Healy 308, McCarthy 219

12:13 PM

Donegal – Burns 63, Healy 101, McCarthy 16

12:12 PM

Cork West – Burns 58, Healy 125 and McCarthy 357 (?) on the last number there

12:12 PM

Cork North – Burns 54, healy 229, McCarthy 130

12:11 PM

Cork Central = Healy 278, Burns 171 and McCarthy 153

12:10 PM

Clare = 328 Healy, 146 Burns, 37 McCarthy

12:10 PM

Louth = 131 healy, 115 Burns and 20 McCarthy

12:09 PM

Limerick – Healy 308 McCarthy 219 Burns 124

12:09 PM

Wicklow – Burns 171 to Healy 37

12:08 PM

Wexford – healy

12:08 PM

Waterford – Healy

12:08 PM

Tips South – Healy

12:08 PM

(close enough being 50% of the Healy vote!)

12:08 PM

Tips North – Healy, but close enough back to Burns

12:07 PM

Sligo – Healy

12:07 PM

Roscommon – Healy all the way

12:07 PM

Offaly – Burns topping the poll well

12:07 PM

Meath – Majority to Healy

12:06 PM

For the number crunchers of you out there…Mayo: vet majority of votes to Healy

11:51 AM

Are we going to have a new IFA President elected on the first count?

11:50 AM

In the Deputy race: Pat Farrell: 1910, Richard Kennedy: 3,759 and Nigel Renaghan: 1708

11:50 AM

With 26% of branches counted: Burns: 1332, Healy: 2831 and McCarthy: 1875 so Healy stretches out his lead…

11:49 AM

We’re 26% of the way through the first count of Presidential count

11:48 AM

IFA Chairman Ger Bergin is giving an update…

11:31 AM

There’s a tea break happening here… hence the silence…#IFAELection

11:15 AM

Henry Burns with Laois woman Ann Fitzgerald checking the latest figures IFA Election Henry Burns

11:12 AM

The are more people counting the Munster votes than the rest of the country, hence the heavy Munster bias in the results so far, but early indications are that Healy is doing well across the country

11:06 AM

There’s a bit of a lull around the room at the moment, as the initial buzz dies down and the counting continues.

10:57 AM

Catherine Lascuretes from IFA has just given the latest update: Burns 347; Healy 845 and McCarthy 979 but urges strong caution as its a heavy Munster bias

10:42 AM

Flor McCarthy is still ahead with 973 to 832 for Healy, but it’s early days still and the Munster vote is dominating #IFAElection

10:34 AM

But the counting continues in #IFAElection count 2

10:30 AM

The latest update from Gerry Gunning, 61 branches (6%) counted show the following with ‘caution’ advised…

count 1

10:25 AM

In the Deputy #IFAElection race Richard Kennedy is ahead on over 600 votes

10:24 AM

Flor McCarthy has edged ahead in the numbers, with 544 to 489 for Healy, but as always it’s early days still

10:22 AM

But it also is emerging that an objection has been lodged in one Limerick branch….

10:18 AM

Latest tallies =  Healy 452, McCarthy 340 and Burns 155. but the proviso is that only a small % of branches have been counted

10:17 AM

As an insider just described it as “there is a ‘strong trend’ emerging” in the #IFAElection

10:16 AM

Mayo backed Joe Healy

10:15 AM

Limerick backed Flor McCarthy

10:15 AM

Clare, Donegal and Cork Centra all backed Healy, the latest figures show

10:14 AM

But now the talk on the floor is that it’s a one horse race as Joe Healy takes the lead

10:09 AM

After 2% of the branches counted it’s neck and neck…

9:55 AM
Inside the count centre
Inside the count centre
9:49 AM
IFA election
Joe Healy and Pat Farrell keeping an close eye on things
9:38 AM

So, after a slightly delayed start the doors finally opened to the count centre

9:37 AM LIVE: IFA count from Dublin for President, Deputy President and Munster Chairman

Today is the count in the IFA presidential election, as well as the Deputy President and Munster Chairman.

The count takes place in the Castleknock Hotel and will start at 9am. It is expected that no results will be finalised until the early evening. We’ll bring you the latest updates from the count centre as they happen.