Who will be elected the next IFA President?

Today, April 19, is the day that the IFA finds out who the new President of the association is following weeks of election debates and voting.

The 15th President of the IFA will be elected following the National Count in the Castleknock Hotel in Dublin today and he will take up office immediately.

As well as electing a new President, a new Deputy President and Regional Chairman will also be elected today.

IFA National Chairman, Jer Bergin, has said that he was very satisfied with the turnout reported around the country, given the timing of the election.

There are a number of factors affecting turnout: the shorter-than-usual lead-in to voting, coinciding with the busiest time on farms in a late spring, which has impacted on work on farms.

While the presidential race has been a close one to call, an Agriland poll has put Joe Healy a head in front of the other two candidates with 43% of the votes.

Henry Burns received 38% of the votes, while Flor McCarthy received 19%.

Meanwhile, in the deputy presidential race, Nigel Renaghan and Richard Kennedy are neck and neck, with Renaghan slightly ahead on 37%.

Kennedy received 36% of the votes and Pat Farrell received 27% of the votes.

Who should be the next IFA Deputy President?

  • Nigel Renaghan (37%)
  • Richard Kennedy (36%)
  • Pat Farrell (27%)

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Furthermore, the Agriland poll found that he overwhelming issue in farming is farm incomes, with 69% of farmers voting for this option as the key priority for the next President.

Transparency within the association was the next key priority for IFA members, garnering 21% of the votes.

In the race for Munster Chairman, there are two candidates in the running for the position; John Coughlan (Cork North) and John O’Brien (Cork Central).

Meanwhile, in South Leinster only one candidate was nominated to run, the incumbent James Murphy and the same was the case in Ulster/North Leinster where the incumbent Bert Stewart was nominated.

There appears to be no solution in sight to the ongoing stalemate in Connacht for the position of Regional Chairman.

Over two months on from the deadline for nominations for Connacht IFA Chairman, the region remains in deadlock with no candidate fitting the criteria for the job.

It is understood that the five candidates and their county chairs were told to sort out their own house or face having no representative.