Little change in beef prices this week

For the most part, the majority of beef factories are now quoting 365c/kg for both steers and heifers; however, there are some farmers securing prices at 370c/kg for heifers.

Agents located around the country have added slight downward price pressure to the trade for prime cattle, with some plants trying to purchase steers at 360c/kg, but are meeting firm resistance from producers.

Some parts of the country have indeed received severe rainfall, with some farmers opting to move stock – especially in the west and south. But, saying that, others are in a better position grazing wise and are in no hurry to market animals.

The determining factor here is geographical location.

Cow and bull beef price

Factory buyers are currently starting negotiations with farmers at 290c/kg for P-grade cows, 300c/kg for O-grade animals and 320c/kg or slightly more for R-grade lots.

Also, there is little change to the bull trade, with continued variation across plants.


Bull base quotes amount to 350-360c/kg for R-grades in the main, with O-grades hovering around the 340c/kg mark; U-grading bulls are making approximately 360-370c/kg in the meat plants.

Additionally, young bulls are being bought for 365c/kg on the grid.

Friesian bulls wanted for export

In other news, an Irish exporting company is currently preparing an order for the Libyan market. Purcell Brothers, the Waterford-based firm, is now sourcing bulls for this shipment.

The consignment – which is set to depart in early September – will consist of Friesian bulls, with the exporter in the market for suitable bulls weighing 200-400kg.

The boatload will consist of some 3,000 bulls and will depart from Waterford Port.