The legal end to fur farming in Ireland is a victory in the ongoing war against animal abuse in Ireland. 

The doors of an industry that exploited animals for commercial gain was shut by years of campaigning by animal rights activists. 

Using the currency of truth and applying public pressure, the political system had to yield and put in place legislation to end fur farming.

It shows that state-approved and financially-supported animal abuse can be objected to, campaigned against and removed from our society.

End to Fur farming

Existing animal abuse that receives government and legislative approval range from hunting with hounds, live animal exports, hare coursing, horse racing, greyhound racing, shooting, badger snaring and animal factory farming.

The scale of legal animal abuse in this country runs parallel with endemic illegal animal abuse. The abuse of animals is an injustice.

Campaigns take decades not years to obtain an inch of asphalt on the road to achieving a society where the rights of animals are accepted, protected and defended.

The philosophy of animal rights demands the abolition of animal abuse in all its forms and shapes. It is not the details of unjust exploitation that must be changed.

It is the unjust exploitation itself that must be ended, whether on the farm, in public settings, or among the wild.

The philosophy of animal rights asks for nothing more, but neither will it be satisfied with anything less.

If not now, then when?

From John Tierney, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, Dublin.