In another first from Lely, visitors to this year’s Ploughing will not only have the Live milking exhibition to enjoy but also a live demonstration of how Lely produce and assemble its unique mower bed.

Lely will be doing this by replicating a mini version of its Splendimo mower production cell from its production facility in the Netherlands. Live build’s will be happening from 10am onwards every two hours in the Lely forage tent, located next to the live milking tent.

Save a litre of fuel per hectare

In what is sure to be a huge attraction at this year’s event, farmers and contractors will have the opportunity of experiencing at first-hand how a Lely Splendimo modular mower bed is assembled.


This will help the spectator understand why Lely mowers have the lowest HP requirement and fuel consumption rates in today’s marketplace.

It has been well proven worldwide and in independent trials that a Lely Splendimo mower requires 20% less HP than other brands leading to a fuel saving of a least a litre of diesel per hectare mown.

Explaining the concept, Joe Roche from Lely said that it was during our Irish dealer trip to the Lely factory in the Netherlands last December that the idea came about.

“Our new dealers were really impressed with the modular cutterbar production cell and one of them suggested that we should consider doing it at the Ploughing.

“I didn’t take it seriously at the time but a seed was sown and this spring we gave it some more consideration.

“Our experience with the live milking stand over the past two years gave us the confidence to design and plan the event and what better way is there to show it to farmers than to replicate a mini version of the Splendimo production line in Maassluis in the Netherlands at this year’s Ploughing,” he said.

A unique modular cutterbar

He went on to explain that Lely design and manufacture their own unique modular cutter bar which is fitted to all Splendimo disc mowers.

This Lely invention is made up of universal mowing units, which are directly driven by a flexible hexagonal shaft.


Consequently, this cutter bar contains far fewer gears than any other cutter bar, which results in outstanding output, according to Lely.

It also ensures that in the event of damage to the bed from contact with a foreign object it can be quickly and easily repaired.

There is no need to take the whole bed apart as each disc unit can be removed individually, repaired and quickly reinstalled saving time and ensuring low maintenance costs.

This will be demonstrated on site by two Lely employees from our production line in the Netherlands.

Free use of a Splendimo 280M 9ft mounted mower


Lely is also part of the free farming for a year competition in association with Agriland.

After seeing our Splendimo production cell and how our mowers are assembled one lucky farmer will win the free use of a high spec 9ft Lely 280 M Splendimo mower for the 2016 grassland season.

People can enter online at or on the Lely stand at the show.