The opening of the largest solar farm in the Republic of Ireland at the Eli Lilly plant in Cork has been welcomed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

Supporting this project through its government-funded community grants, SEAI noted that the new solar farm will see the Eli Lilly plant reduce its carbon footprint by 2,350t.

In a statement on the matter SEAI said it is working with hundreds of communities across the country, “providing them with the knowledge and the means to plan their own ambitious low-carbon pathway”, adding:

“This landmark development at Eli Lilly illustrates how communities and enterprise working together can deliver ambitious projects that will provide sustainable energy and help towards achieving Ireland’s clean energy transition.”

Speaking at the launch event in Cork earlier in the week William Walsh, CEO of SEAI, said:

“The development of this solar farm by Eli Lilly and Enerpower illustrates how Ireland is working through a clean energy transition to reduce the use of fossil fuels with sustainable energy.

“This project is a clear exemplar and shows strong leadership by Eli Lilly and Enerpower.

“It was one of 39 projects provided with government grants worth €28 million during 2020 – and this type of funding ensures these projects can be completed within shorter timeframes.

“Ongoing government support in large scale community energy projects is central to achieving our climate action ambitions,” the CEO concluded.