Lamb trade ‘strengthening’ according to IFA

The lamb trade is ‘strengthening’ with factories having to increase quotes and prices, according to the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

Sean Dennehy, the association’s national sheep chairperson, noted that: “Factories are paying 30c/kg to 35c/kg over the quoted prices to get stock. The reality is factories are not able to get lambs at the lower prices and are having to pay a lot more.”

According to Dennehy, factories have been paying €5.60/kg to €5.65/kg in the last number of days, with top prices of €5.70/kg being paid.

The important Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha begins on July 30 and buyers are already trying to put down stock, especially in the UK.

The IFA sheep chairperson highlighted that store trade is also strong in the marts, with 35kg lambs making €85, saying: “Good grass growth is driving farmer demand.”

Meanwhile, ewes are making €2.65/kg to €2.80/kg at the moment, Dennehy noted.

Dog attacks

Last week, Dennehy claimed that “Garda statistics showing nearly 50 dog attacks on sheep since March prove that dog owners continue to act in an irresponsible manner”.

He was reacting to statistics released by the Gardaí on the number of reported dog attacks on livestock since March.

These statistics highlight two clear issues – irresponsible dog ownership and the magnitude of the problem of dog attacks on sheep.

He added that dog owners refuse to take responsibility for their pets, despite repeated appeals.

“Farmers are fed up with the casual approach of some dog owners who will not accept the damage their pets can inflict on sheep… While we encourage flock owners to report attacks, this may not even be the full picture. The injuries inflicted on sheep are horrific and farmers may be too upset or traumatised to report to the Gardai what has happened,” Dennehy stressed.