LacPatrick holds milk price for January

LacPatrick has become the latest milk processor to announce its price for January supplies, revealing its decision to hold its price.

The Co. Monaghan based processor will offer a price of 31.75c/L including VAT held, plus a 2c/L early calving bonus.

The price for Northern Irish suppliers will also remain at 26.5p/L, a spokesperson for the co-operative confirmed.

Yesterday, Dairygold revealed a slight increase to its quality and sustainability bonuses, increasing these by 0.15c/L, while holding its base price.

The Dairygold board has announced its January milk price at 32.15c/L including the 0.65c/L quality and sustainability bonuses and VAT.

The price is based on standard constituents of 3.30% protein and 3.60% butterfat.

On Friday, Aurivo’s board decided to pay a milk price of 30.5c/L for January milk.

Market returns have improved somewhat and this is reflected in a 0.5c/L increase on the December price, a spokesperson for the co-operative said.

The average payout to Aurivo suppliers will be 33.8c/L, the representative added.

Aurivo will closely monitor market developments and return the maximum possible price consistent with market returns.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Kerry Group announced its decision to hold its milk price for January.

A spokesperson for the group confirmed to AgriLand that the firm’s base price for January milk supplies remains unchanged at 32c/L VAT inclusive.

Based on average January milk solids, the price return inclusive of VAT and bonuses is 36.229c/L, the representative added.