‘Baptism of fire’ for new recruit at Argo Tractors

Joining a major tractor manufacturer as it prepared to stage its most ambitious presence at the (UK-based) LAMMA show last month proved a challenging “baptism of fire” for Argo Tractors’ new recruit Rachael Groves (pictured above).

Her appointment in the new role of marketing coordinator meant organising every aspect of the show stand, from working on the build schedule and ensuring the social media technology was up and running to staging two dealer meetings during the event.

“It was absolutely non-stop in the weeks leading up to the show and no two days were the same,” explained Rachael.

But it was also very exciting to be part of a team putting on such an ambitious, modern and stylish exhibit of Landini and McCormick tractors.

Rachael (pictured below) cut her teeth in marketing at Sumo, the UK-based cultivation and drilling equipment manufacturer.

“I initially applied for a job there as an office administrator,” she said.

“But they recognised my ability to organise things, which I learnt during my time in YFC (Young Farmers’ Club), and soon had me producing brochures and advertising and helping to organise their presence at numerous shows around the country.”

Her roots are in agriculture, having been brought up on the family farm growing tillage/arable crops and finishing beef cattle near Pocklington (England), close to where she now lives with her husband Dominic – an engineer with a manufacturer of potato and beet harvesting equipment.

Business behind the brands

As for joining Argo Tractors, whose UK and Ireland operation is based at Harworth near Doncaster, she said: “I’d heard of the Landini and McCormick tractor brands, of course, but wasn’t aware of the business behind them.

“It’s huge; the group operates five factories making components such as axles, transmissions and complete cabs, and assembling the finished products before they are shipped around the world.

“There are ambitious plans to grow the business, especially in the UK and Ireland but also internationally.”