LacPatrick announces held April milk price with top-up boost

The board of LacPatrick Dairies has today (Tuesday, May 22) set a price for April milk.

The co-op will pay suppliers in the Republic of Ireland a price of 32c/L including VAT for milk supplied in April.

This price is made up of a base price of 30.25c/L (held from last month) with a top-up of 1.75c/L paid on all manufacturing supplies.

LacPatrick suppliers in Northern Ireland will receive a price of 26.5p/L. This price is similarly made up of a base price of 25p/L (held from last month) with a top-up of 1.5p/L.


Last week, Arrabawn announced a 1c/L cut to its April milk price.

The co-op is paying suppliers 32.05c/L including VAT for April milk, including a support payment. The base price has reduced to 31.05c/L.

The support payment offered in light of recent difficulties at farm level has also been reduced down from 2c/L to 1c/L.


Aurivo has announced a cut of 1.52c/L to its base milk price for April supplies compared to last month, along with the withdrawal of its 1.48c/L early calving payment. This has been offset somewhat by a new seasonality payment of 0.5c/L, however.

The board of Aurivo Co-op today agreed to pay a milk price of 30.5c/L including VAT for April manufacturing milk (28.94c/L excluding VAT).

This price is made up of a base price of 30c/L and the 0.5c/L seasonality payment, on the month’s manufacturing milk.

This, the co-op says, is in recognition of the difficult spring Aurivo suppliers have endured with the shortage of fodder, poor weather and slow grass growth.

The Aurivo board has decided to continue to support the milk price paid to suppliers above actual market returns for the month of April, the co-op said.

The average price paid to Aurivo suppliers in April will be 32.42c/L including VAT (30.76c/L excluding VAT) based on the average co-op solids.