Knackery gate fees range from €10 to €130 nationwide

A recent survey has revealed that the cost of removing fallen animals off the farmyard can range from €10 for a calf in Co. Meath to €130 for a two to four year old animal in Co. Clare.

The survey was conducted by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) and all fees quoted include collection.

Commenting on the survey, the IFA animal health chairman, Pat Farrell, said the cost variation highlights the impact a lack of competition is having in some areas.

He added that this is exposing farmers to exorbitant and unjustified charges.

Average costs for collection of fallen animals are as follows:
  • Calves: €25;
  • Three to six month old cattle: €36;
  • Six to 12 month old cattle: €53;
  • 12 to 24 month old cattle: €77;
  • 24 to 48 month old cattle: €101;
  • Cattle over 48 months old: €48;
  • Ewes: €32.

Continuing, Farrell said: “Farmers who live in close proximity to a knackery are availing of much lower disposal costs where they can deliver their animals directly.

Typically, in these cases, charges are €10 to €30 less than collected charges.

The animal health chairman said that the most expensive category continues to be 24 to 48-month old animals, which are averaging just over €100.

Concluding, Farrell said: “All farmers should have access to a competitively priced disposal system for fallen animals and he called on the Department of Agriculture to address the shortcomings in the current system.”