Kildare-based company, Terra NutriTech has launched what it says is the world’s first mobile automated mineral dosing system for herds of all sizes.

According to the award-winning company, ORBVIE is the first mobile, battery powered, app-controlled dosing system in the world, which gives full visibility and control to farmers from the palm of their hand.

The idea behind the technology is that it’s like having an extra pair of hands on the farm 24/7 reducing labour, eliminating waste, is easy to use and refill, alerts when needs to be topped up, while at the same time, helping farmers improve the health of their animals.

Mineral dosing

According to Terra NutriTech, the device is capable of precisely dispensing mineral blends to any type of stock, from precalver and fertility mixes, bloat, magnesium and blends for beef animals.

One of the main benefits in using the ORBVIE dispenser is that this system is suitable for any size herd in any location. It works away without any piping or electricity, the company explained.

Padraig Hennessy CEO of Terra NutriTech said: “Farmers are going to love this new mobile unit. It means farms of any size can now bring precision to minerals for their herds and get the extra benefits farmers across the country have seen for years from our Opis system.

“You simply connect it to your phone, select the product, select the animal numbers, select the dosage rate and hit start. Away it goes. This doses the exact amount minerals to that herd.”

Following the success of its previous mineral dosing system for 100+ herd – the OPIS controller, the Terra NutriTech team have continued to innovate and develop.

ORBVIE comes in two formats:

  1. A battery operated, app-controlled, 5L mineral dispenser that ejects essential liquid minerals for animal health into the drinking water supply;
  2. A mobile system suitable for fields (doses one mineral blend into one trough) and a powered system version available that doses in fields or sheds.

The unit is fully controlled by the farmer using the ORBVIE app. A full history of dosage can be seen at any time and mineral refills can also be purchased through the app.

IFAC survey

An independent ifac survey of the OPIS mineral dosing system launched three years ago, found that 8/10 of farmers experienced improved herd health, calving and fertility.

Hennessy continued: “The feedback we have been receiving from Ireland and abroad regarding the ORBVIE has been excellent.

“With farmers looking for better and more efficient ways to improve results on farms, they see our new technology as a way to do this.

“We are also delighted to be launching this product in the French market next week at Sommet de L’élevage, one of France largest livestock shows.”

Terra Nutritech

Terra NutriTech was set up in 2012 as Terra Liquid Minerals when brothers Tom and Padraig Hennessy saw the need to develop an intelligent mineral dosing system.

In 2017, they expanded operations by building a new manufacturing facility to produce customised liquid minerals.

In 2018 Terra Liquid Minerals rebranded to Terra NutriTech and today, it is a global company working with partners to improve animal health using agritech and automation to accurately feed minerals in water.