Kepak has confirmed that its KK Beef Club heifer beef production has been temporarily suspended.

A spokesperson for the company told AgriLand:

“Coop Italia, the main customer for KK heifer beef, is undertaking a review of its meat protein supply chains to reflect evolving Italian consumer and market demands and trends.

“This review will encompass both their national and imported meat offers to their consumers.

Pending the conclusion of this review Kepak and Coop Italia have agreed to temporarily suspend the planned production of KK heifer beef this summer, but all existing production commitments will be completed and honoured in full.

“The Coop Italia review is matching the attributes of differing Irish beef systems with their changing consumer preferences and they are extremely excited about trialling Irish suckler beef from steers and heifers under a new brand.

“The outcome of this review will help the retailer to decide how best to position Irish suckler beef and the role of KK beef – young bulls and heifers – in their business.

“Coop Italia continues to remain loyal to Kepak and to Irish beef,” the spokesperson for the company said.

Coop Italia, according to the firm itself, operates “on behalf of the cooperatives, develops uniform policies and marketing and communication strategies” in its native country.