Building on the existing 8000 Series machines, John Deere has launched four new self-propelled forage harvester models – from 625 to 970hp.

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According to the manufacturer, the 9000 Series will provide “10% more productivity while consuming 10% less fuel – compared to its existing top-of-the-range machines”.

When it comes to maize, the new machines supposedly deliver “10% higher kernel processing scores”.

John Deere says that these performance figures have been verified, in the field, by “renowned independent research institutes”.

The foragers have undergone a subtle outward design tweak, including the addition of twin exhausts (pictured below). At the heart of the three biggest models – the 9700, 9800 and 9900 – is a powerful 24.2L V12 Liebherr engine.

This engine’s performance, combined with other “efficiency-enhancing developments” (such as optimised component speeds at low engine rpm), forms the basis of John Deere’s new HarvestMotion concept.

The crop channel is 850mm wide – enough says the company to “handle a tremendous throughput”. Because of the higher engine horsepower, these new foragers have a “reinforced drive-train and improved main-frame”.

John Deere has extended its range of kernel processors (corn crackers) by introducing the XStream KP unit. It has been developed together with US-based company Scherer.

It provides a roll diameter of 250mm and a 50% roll speed differential – apparently increasing processing intensity by 10%.

Kernel processor rolls are available with a standard saw-tooth design on the Premium KP unit, and either the saw-tooth or a new XCut design on the XStream KP, which has a spiral cut groove across the roll surface.

Both roll designs are also available with the existing Dura Line “heavy-duty” coating.

Another feature of the new XStream KP is the built-in temperature monitoring system (pictured below); it keeps the operator abreast of bearing temperature.

The new 9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters are available with John Deere’s AMS precision farming systems.

These include: the new HarvestLab 3000 NIR (near infrared) sensor (for real-time measurements of crop yield, moisture and other constituents); AutoTrac automatic steering; RowSense feeler guidance (to allow the forager to automatically follow maize rows); and Active Fill Control (AFC) for automatic filling of trailers.

The specifications of the four new 9000 Series machines are detailed below:

Some existing models from the 8000 Series line-up will continue to be available. The 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400 and 8500 will be retained .

‘New’ 8600 model

Originally launched in 2014 as the entry-level ‘wide-body’ forager in the 8000 Series, the ‘new’ 8600 will now top the current range of ‘standard crop channel’ models – from the 8100 to the 8500.

Even fitted with chunky 710/75 R42 front tyres, John Deere says that all remaining 8000 Series models (along with the ‘new’ 8600) will be within the critical road transport width of 3m.

The ‘new’ 8600 is powered by John Deere’s PSX 13.5L 625hp engine (the same as that fitted to the new entry-level ‘wide-body’ 9600).