A driver of a jeep and trailer who was stopped by Kilkenny gardaí for using a mobile phone and not wearing a seatbelt was also found to be running the jeep on green diesel, with out-of-date tax by 3,319 days.

The driver will now face prosecution for all offences after being stopped by Gardaí from the Kilkenny Roads Policing Unit in Johnstown on Saturday, July 3.

A statement on their social media confirmed:

“This vehicle was stopped by Kilkenny Roads Policing Unit in Johnstown as the driver was on the mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt.

“Using the mobility device, it was discovered to be out of tax 3,319 days.”

Customs officers who attended the scene, sampled the fuel in the jeep and discovered green diesel in the tank.

The vehicle was seized under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act.

“Prosecutions to follow for all offences,” said the Gardaí.

Green diesel increase

Meanwhile, the number of motorists caught using green diesel – or marked mineral oil – has increased in recent weeks.

Multi-agency checkpoints around the country involving Gardaí and customs officials detected a number of vehicles running on this fuel.

One vehicle was discovered at a checkpoint in Co. Tipperary, while at a checkpoint in Co. Kildare, three vehicles were found to be using the fuel, and drivers of said vehicles were issued on-the-spot fines of €2,000 each.

Separately, another diver was caught in Co. Kildare.