Some areas of the country had their warmest November since 1979, according to Met Eireann.

All stations reported above long-term average (LTA) mean air temperatures, it said.

At Fermoy (Moore Park), Co. Cork a monthly mean of 9.9 degrees was recorded; its warmest November since 1979.

Another cork station at Sherkin Island reported the month’s highest mean temperature with 11.2 degrees; its warmest November since 1994.

The month’s highest temperature was at Valentia Observatory, Co Kerry on the 1st with 19.5 degrees, its highest for November since 1989.

The month’s lowest temperature was -2.7 degrees at Casement Aerodrome, Co. Dublin on November 23.

Across the country, only three days reported air frost November 20, 22 and 23, while ground frost was reported on two-thirds of days during November.


It was the wettest November in six years in parts of Ireland, according to Met Eireann.

Most monthly rainfall totals were above average with a few stations located in Atlantic coastal areas reporting slightly below LTA, it said.

Nearly double the LTA was recorded in some parts of the north, midlands, west and southwest with percentage of LTA values ranging from 90% at Sherkin Island (107.6mm of rain) to 209% at Mullingar, Co. Westmeath (184.4mm of rain), its wettest November since 2009.

Other stations with above LTA rainfall in parts of the west, northwest, southwest and west midlands had their wettest November in six years, Met Eireann said.

The heaviest rainfall was recorded mainly on the November 8 and 14, with the month’s wettest day recorded at Newport, Co. Mayo on the November 14, with 66.2mm, its wettest November day since 1968.


Monthly sunshine totals ranged from 39.2 hours at Malin Head to 57.6 hours at Shannon Airport, Co. Clare, according to Met Eireann.

The highest daily sunshine was 8.3 hours reported at Dublin Airport on November 1 and at Valentia Observatory on November 2.

Dublin Airport, Casement Aerodrome and Knock Airport, Co Mayo all reported their dullest November in eight years.


Shannon Airport records its highest November gust in 70 years, Met Eireann has said.

Monthly mean wind speeds ranged from 7.4 knots (13.7 km/h) at Fermoy (Moore Park) to 20.9 knots (38.7 km/h) at Mace Head, Co. Galway, Met Eireann said.

Over two-thirds of stations had their highest monthly wind speeds in six to 10 years with Claremorris, Co. Mayo reporting its windiest November since 1992 with 10.0 knots (18.5 km/h).

Gale force winds were reported on 16 days with three named winter storms occurring; Storm Abigail (November 12), Storm Barney (November 17) and Storm Clodagh (November 29).

The month’s highest gust and highest 10-minute wind speed were both reported during Storm Barney, the month’s highest gust was 69 knots (128 km/h) at Shannon Airport, its highest November gust since the station opened 70 years ago.