A group of dairy farmers from the South-East of Ireland will supply 70m litres of fresh milk to Strathroy Dairy in Northern Ireland on an annual basis.

South-East Milk Producers was established, after what it called the ‘unacceptable take-over’ of Wexford Creamery by Glanbia.

The majority of the members of the group are from Co. Wexford, but there are also members from the counties of Wicklow, Carlow, Kilkenny, Laois and Kildare.

According to South-East Milk Producers, over one-third of Wexford Milk Producers suppliers joined Strathroy Dairy followed by a group of  what it calls ‘disillusioned’ Glanbia milk producers.

Prior to the official establishment of this group, it says, a committee of 20 worked tirelessly for two years to protect its members interests and to strengthen the good relationship with Strathroy Dairy.

It also recently held its inaugural Annual General Meeting on November 23, it said that it will negotiate in the best interests of its members while also endeavouring to preserve members integrity.

According to South-East Dairy, it gets great satisfaction to see locally produced milk on the shelves of local shops.

In June 2013, Glanbia announced that it was to purchase Wexford Creamery, pending a favourable vote by Wexford Milk Producers shareholders and approval by the Competition Authority.

The Glanbia deal was finalised in May 2014 and included a proposal to substantially increase the amount of money paid up front and an investment of over €5m in Wexford Creamery are being communicated to all milk producers.

In December 2013, Strathroy Dairies, one of Ireland’s oldest family dairies and a supplier of liquid milk to retailers throughout Ireland, confirmed it also had an interest in purchasing Wexford Creamery, however, a deal never came to fruition.