Irish man returns from Chilean and Kiwi travels to join LIC

LIC Ireland has announced that David Power is joining its Eurogene/LIC Ireland team with immediate effect.

Irish born and bred, Power has returned home from farming in New Zealand.

According to the firm, he has worked with grass-based dairy systems in Chile and is a firm believer that the New Zealand cow is “the most efficient animal at converting grass to milk”.

Commenting, he claimed: “LIC provides the perfect genetics to produce this cow for Irish farmers, through the sheer scale and investment to continually improve the New Zealand herd.”

Appointed as senior breeding advisor, Power holds a master’s in animal breeding and genetics from Edinburgh University, and a bachelor’s degree from UCD’s school of agriculture.

Those interested in getting in touch can do so by emailing: [email protected]


LIC is a farmer-owned co-operative that provides a range of services and solutions to improve the productivity and prosperity of farmers, according to the firm.

These include: the systematic testing of milk quality; Long Last Liquid (fresh) semen; DNA technology to genomically identify and help select elite sires; and more recently a short gestation bull team bred to deliver offspring up to 10 days early.

The co-operative’s AI technician team has been in existence for more than 50 years.