Irish Dairy Board to change its name to Ornua

The Irish Dairy Board has confirmed that its new name, as part of a re-branding process, will be Ornua.

A spokesperson for the Irish Dairy Board confirmed that as part of its business transformation strategy to prepare for the opportunities the post quota environment will bring, the Irish Dairy Board has completed a review of its corporate identity and, subject to member shareholder approval, plans to change its company name to Ornua in the coming months.

The name roughly translates as ‘new gold’ in Irish if the fada is used on the ‘O’ in the branding, however that has yet to be confirmed.

The Irish Dairy Board was formed in 1961 and its biggest success todate is the Kerrygold brand, which was launched in 1962.

The dairy co-operative, is owned by Irish dairy processing co-operatives and dairy companies and, through them, by Irish dairy farmers. The IDB exports to over 90 countries worldwide.

Its brands include Kerrygold, Dubliner and Pilgrims Choice are market leaders and firm favourites with consumers in countries all over the world.

It says the success of its business is based on the unique provenance and quality of Irish milk from grass fed cows. “In Ireland, we’re very proud of our traditional family farms and of our sustainable, low-carbon grass-based dairy system.”

According to the IDB, with the abolition of EU milk quotas in 2015, Ireland will be able to produce up to 50% more milk. We plan to use that milk to bring our product range to new markets and new customers all over the world.