Independent Farmers to host meeting in Athlone tonight

The Independent Farmers of Ireland (IFoI) is hosting an “information evening” in the Sheraton Athlone Hotel, Gleeson Street, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, tonight, Wednesday, October 9.

According to a statement from the IFoI, the event is titled: ‘What the Government doesn’t want you to know.’

The statement explained that “a number” of speakers are scheduled to appear and described the event as “an interesting and eye-opening evening”.

The group said that “the right of admission is reserved and stressed that there will be an admission charge of €5”.

The statement from IFoI claims the admission charge “is to cover the cost of the hotel on the night”.

A spokesperson from the IFoI told AgriLand that it is expecting “up to 600 people to attend the event”.

The event will take place at 8:30pm.


The meeting comes following last month’s statement from the restructured group representing protesters at the recent meat factory demonstrations – the IFoI – outlining its position going forward under new representation.

Hitting back at a resignation statement issued by the group’s former representatives on Wednesday, September 25, the IFoI said that the spokespeople had been “stood down” following a vote held by representatives from 15 factory pickets at a meeting from which the three were absent.

During the same meeting, held in Ballacolla, Co. Laois, on Tuesday night, September 24 – according to the IFoI – the group’s interim committee appointed three independent mediators from the Beef Strategy Group to represent the group in talks going forward.

Three mediators elected include: Alo Mohan; Noel Long; and Seamus Maye.