Incomplete Farm Safety Scheme applications are delaying approvals for farmers to commence work, according to the Department of Agriculture.

It says all 6,299 applications received for the scheme have now been processed at central level. As of Friday April 10, 1,900 farmers had received their approvals.

However, the Department says that a number of the applications required further clarification/information being sought from the applicants.

It says of the 6,299 applications received approximately 2,000, or over 30%, were contacted seeking clarifications.

Some of the main queries that arose are:
  • Incorrect land parcel identification numbers
  • Investments (fixed) not identified on farm yard sketch
  • Unable to identify buildings or the location of planned investments on farmyard sketch
  • Investment work proposed in a building with an internal agitation point
  • Incorrect unit of investment applied for – for example calving gate – applied for one calving gate should have stated the linear meters involved.

The Department says most of the remaining applications are now with the respective local offices and further approvals are going out on a continuous basis as they are cleared.

Farm Safety Scheme approval process


  • Applications received in Johnstown Castle are recorded on the register for Farm Safety Scheme and a letter issues to the applicant acknowledging receipt of the application form.
  • Application including accompanying documents are checked and where issues arise applicants are contacted to supply clarification/additional documentation.

Once approval has issued, the next steps for the farmer are as follows:

All investment works must be completed and a payment claim lodged to the Department on or before August 31, 2015.

The Department has said applicants should ensure that the investment work is completed in accordance with the relevant specification and in the location identified on the application form.

It says applicants should also note that investment work associated with a building is not eligible if an internal agitation point remains in place in that building.

Once work is completed, the farmer should ensure:

  • Payment claim lodged before August 31, 2015
  • Only claim for quantity/ dimension of investment work actually completed
  • Use internal dimensions when the investments claimed are in a building.

For more information visit the Farm Safety Section of the Department of Agricultures website.