Decrease in impulse buying, Bord Bia said in a statement last week. New figures show impulse snack-food, ice cream, chocolate and gum sales suffering due to planned purchasing.

New information gathered through AC Neilsen shows impulse ice cream sales seeing the largest decrease of 6.4 per cent, with a 1.1 per cent increase in consumers purchasing take home ice cream. Miriam Tuomey, Food and Beverage Division, Bord Bia said that consumers are “buying multipacks and bringing their treat out of home with them rather than buying it on the go and paying for the convenience of doing so. “

Sales in take home chocolate saw the biggest increase, with 11.9 per cent, with impulse chocolate reduced by 1.1 per cent. Consumer budgeting and forward planning are influencing the changes in sales, according to Tuomey.

Tuomey also credited the recession as changing attitudes towards what is good value in the marketplace. She said “Budgeting is now the norm for many, who have devised tools to keep their spending in check.“

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