The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) will formally discuss the outcome of the recent Donegal county chair election next week.

Events will centre around a meeting of the organisation’s Rules, Privileges and Procedures committee.

The defeated candidate, Peter Lynch, is claiming that the required rules were not followed during the election process. He wants the results declared null and void and the election re-run.

Lynch is a former county vice-chair and has represented Donegal on the IFA’s National Grain Committee for a number of years.

Joe Sweeney from Dunfanaghy was elected chair of Donegal IFA on February 7, 2023.

Donegal election

Peter Lynch farms near Newtowncunningham in east Donegal.

He said he was initially of the view that the rules and procedures committee would meet this evening (Tuesday, March 14) to discuss these matters.

“I then read that the meeting had been put back to a later date,” he said.

“On foot of this, I emailed Martin Stapleton, the chair of the rules and regulation committee, seeking clarification on the issue.

“By way of his reply, he indicated that provisional meeting dates would often be changed, in light of people’s availability to attend.

“However, I have been given a cast iron assurance that the committee meeting will take place at some stage next week,” Lynch explained.

“An assurance was also given that the points I have raised will be taken seriously.”

Lynch was asked by Agriland if he wishes to attend the meeting of the rules and privileges committee in person.

“That was never an issue,” he said. “I feel that the points raised are valid. All that I want now is a fair hearing.”